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Last Updated: 1st March, 2017. Work blouses come in many varieties like – Maggam / Aari work, Mirror work, Kundan work, Kutch work, Peacock work, Gota Patti work, Pita / Pitta work, Thread work, Patchwork, Cutdana work, Zari work, Pearl work, Stone work, Zardosi work, Cutwork and Sequin work.

Without a heavily worked blouse a grandest of the saree too falls short of grandeur. That’s the beauty of work blouses. From a simple thread work to heavy embroideries and applique work, work blouses can be sensuous to regal. We will take you around and show you these work blouses that you can recreate with your imagination and rule the moment with your graceful fashionable appearance.

  1. Maggam / Aari Work Blouse

The best and the oldest of the embroidery form hits first place in our chart of work blouses. This embroidery is called maggam / aari / khatla work. Mainly done by zari and colored threads this embroidery type popularly depicts the nature. Sequins, stones and pearls can be included for more splendor. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh are hubs of this art.

Maggam work blouse is suitable for grand functions like weddings, traditional ceremonies and festivities etc.




2. Kutch Work Blouse

Kutch work is originated in Kutch region of Gujarat. The embroidery work reflects array of moods; architectural, romantic, historical themes in their designs. Silk or woolen threads are used along with mirrors and beads.

Kutch work blouses are apt for festivities and casual events.





3. Peacock Work Blouse

Peacock design because of its sheer magnificence of colors woos the artisans and the patrons alike. You can have many lovely peacock designs worked on the blouses.

Peacock work blouse can be worn on grand occasions; if it is done with maggam and zardosi embroideries. This design can also be done with simple threads on georgette or cotton that can be worn for everyday meetings and occasions.




4. Zari Work Blouse

Zari / Jari has always been an integral part of Indian weaving and embroidery scene. Royal families and aristocrats preferred their attire to be embellished by zari work. Zari is a fine gold or silver thread used to embroider the fabric. Zari embroidery work has been in India since Vedic times.

In view to reach more people, pure gold/ silver zari is alternated by copper wire with electro coating (thin coating) of gold/ silver. Sometimes silk threads are used. Further polyester yarn is substituting with golden polish.

Zari work blouses spell opulence in every bit. Without a doubt you can wear it for your special day like wedding or reception.




5. Pita/ Pitta Work Blouse

The metal wire, containing copper wire is coated with gold or silver is used to fill in the design and beaten with a small hammer to flatten the embroidery. It gives an embossed as well as clean surface design. Earlier pure gold and silver threads were used for Pita work. However, with changing times, to find an inexpensive way, gold/ silver coated copper wires replaced the art. Going further, fine polyester is used these days with a metallic coat to do this embroidery.

Similar to Zari work blouse, Pita/ Pitta work blouse look grand and can be worn for such occasions.


pita-work pita-work1

6. Gota / Gota Patti / Gotta Patti Work Blouse

Gota Patti is also referred as Aari Tari / Zardosi/ Lappe Ka kaam. It’s a specialized embroidery form from Rajasthan. First, the artisans make the applique from flattened golden/ silver threads in the desired shape of leaves / flowers/ birds or any other inspiration from nature. These appliques are woven into a design with silk / cotton threads. It’s quite an intricate and time consuming embroidery process. Gota Patti work is also done on salwars, sarees and lehenga, dupatta and turbans.

Gota Patti work blouses are unique and one of its kind. As with other zari work blouses, it can be smartly worn for many occasions, depending on the design.

gota-patti-work gota-patti-work2 gota-patti-work3


7. Thread Work Blouse

Thread work embroideries can be done on any fabric. They can be crisp on the borders of the sleeves or necklines or like elaborate motifs on the back or on sleeves. The thread work on shoulder looks very attractive. In this embroidery many types of threads are used; for example – cotton threads, silk threads, polyester threads or woolen threads.

Thread work blouses are apt partners in almost all occasions. Choose your day!

embroidery-work embroidery-work2 thread-embroidery-work

Mix of Thread and Zari Work


Mix of Thread and Mirror work



8. Zardosi Work Blouse

The zari work originated in Persia is known as Zardosi (Zar-Gold, Dosi- Embroidery).  There is a slight difference between zari and zardosi. That zari is a fine, thin gold/ silver yarn, whereas zardosi is a spiral gold thread, which is used for heavy embroidery works.

Zardosi work blouses ooze richness. Wear it on grand events and ceremonies.

zardosi-work zardosi-work2 zardosi-work1zardosi-work3

Zardosi and Silk Thread work

9. Patchwork Blouse

Patchworks are essentially pieces of different fabrics sewn together to form a pattern or a decorative design. In modern fashion scenario patchworks are gaining huge popularity as quite unique designs can be brought out on the blouses.

Patchwork blouses can be worn on any time and place. Experiment with new styles of patchworks and colors.

patchwork1 patchwork3 patchwork4


10. Cutwork Blouse

Cutwork is an embroidery form where portions of a fabric is cutout to form a design and the edges are sewn with threads – multi colored threads, silk, zari or zardosi. Cutwork needs precision cutting and stitching, hence demands patience of the artisans. Some also choose to embroider the edges with machines.

Cutwork blouses can be as intricate as you can think of! Best suited for parties and mega events depending on the design and thread work you choose on the blouse.

cutwork-blouse1 cutwork-blouse2 cut-work-blouses cutwork3

11. Kundan Work Blouse

Kundan are gemstones used to embellish fabrics as well as jewelry. Working with kundan, originated in Rajasthan by royal families. Kundan stones are glued to the fabric and embroidered with silk or zari threads. Golden beads and sequins can also be added to the design to enhance the charm.

Kundan work blouse looks very brilliant, hence can be worn on special times.

kundan-work-blouse kundan-work-blouse2 kundan-work-blouses


12. Mirror Work Blouse

Abhala Bharat; the mirror work was called by this name before Shishen, meaning glass in Persian language was brought into India during Mughal era. Though mirror work was popular in Asia, that was mainly done with glass pieces. The current form of mirror work is largely inspired from Shishen art work from Persia. These days instead of mirrors, shining metal pieces are also used by some artisans. Mirror is cut in different shapes and sizes before using it for embroidery on fabric.

Mirror work blouses are usually heavy and grand. You can make your event memorable by wearing this marvelous piece of art work.

mirror-work1 mirror-work2 mirror-work3 mirror-work4 mirror-work5

13. Pearls Work Blouse

Pearls are always classy! They are not just for jewelry though. You can try sprinkling some pearls on your blouse and experience The Diva feeling…!

Pearl work blouse is exquisite, elegant and sophisticated. You can wear it for any occasion and feel like a fashionista.

pearl-work2 pearl-work4 pearl-work5 zardosi_pearl-work

pearl-work1 pearl-work3

14. Stone Work Blouse

Gemstone embroideries on the fabric has always been favorite with royals. Detailed designs with varied gemstones like rhinestone, ruby, sapphire, coral, emerald etc. look astonishingly beautiful. Stone work blouses are a great way to steal the show.

stone-work1 stone-work2 stone-work3 stone-work4

15. Sequin Work Blouse

Coin like tiny metal discs are called sequins. They can be made of plastic material too. Sequins come in hundreds of colors – red, blue, silver, gold, green so on 🙂 This embroidery form existed in Indus Valley long time ago. Sequins can be sewn on to the blouse alone or can be worked with zari or zardosi or silk threads. Sequins can also we worked along with other gemstone embroideries and designs.

Sequin work blouses are trendy and best company for parties.

sequin-work sequin-work2 sequin-work3


16. Cutdana / Bugle beads Work Blouse

Cutdana / bugle bead is a cylindrical stone/ metal/ glass, that is cut and given differentiated edges to reflect light and give a glitzy appearance to the fabric. It’s quite a hit with fashion designers. There are ample colors and textures to work with cutdana. Literally any theme can be worked on a blouse with cutdana embroidery.

Cutdana work blouse is all that is breezy, trendy and glamorous. Wear it for parties to turn heads.

cutdana-work cutdana-work2 cutdana-work4 cutdana-work5

cutdana-work1 cutdana-work3

Some of the combination Work Blouses

Maggam, Mirror & Kundan Work Blouse


Zardosi, stone & pearl Work Blouse


Zari, zardosi & thread Work Blouse


Hope you liked our labor of love and collection of work blouses! Do keep coming back for more such fascinating designs.

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