Last Updated: 2nd January, 2017. We are always on a lookout for that one miracle solution that puts all our beauty problems to rest. Don’t we?! In one or the other instances we have heard or used multani mitti during our beauty crisis 🙂 It’s been there as a natural home remedy since time immemorial and strongly recommended home remedy weapon from grannie’s arsenal 😉

Multani Mitti / Fuller’s earth is a form of clay made of hydrous aluminum silicates that is enriched with clay minerals and have naturally high absorbent and clarifying qualities. It attracts and absorbs oil, dirt, grease and other impurities from the surface and makes it squeaky clean. This is the simplest idea we can give you of Multani mitti.


To go little deeper, multani mitti is the result of volcanic decomposition of rocks. The origin is traced back to Multan region (Now in Pakistan); hence the name Multani Mitti – Mud from Multan. In earlier centuries the textile workers were called fullers. They used to use this clay and water on the wool to clean it off any oils and greasiness before taking it to the final process. That’s why the clay is called as Fuller’s Earth in English.

Multani mitti largely has mineral components of:

Montmorillonite – Attracts micro particles from the surface.

Kaolinite – Clarifies, gives glossy finish and has bleaching properties.

Attapulgite – Binding agent

And in smaller quantities, it might also contain:

Calcite – is transparent to opaque. Acts like bleaching agent by getting dissolved in many forms of acidic solutions.

Calcium Bentonite, is a volcanic ash formed as a result of decomposition of montmorillonite – Absorbs grease and oils.

Dolomite – gives glossy finish.

Quartz – Generally translucent, it gives shine by coating the surface.

With these details, you now know how multani mitti acts and why. We want you to know every details of why you use, what you use. Don’t you agree?

We are listing some of the best ways to get this wonder ingredient into your beauty care:

Uses in Facial Care:


Multani mitti as Remedy to Acne:

Multani mitti has antiseptic properties that addresses acnes effectively.

Mixture of multani mitti and orange juice effectively cures acnes. Apply this mix on face and wash with cold water after drying up.

Another effective face pack recipe is to mix multani mitti, neem powder/ paste, rose water, pinch of camphor and cloves into a fine paste without any lumps and apply on the acne and wash off after 15 minutes.

Multani mitti as Remedy to Sun Burn / Rashes:

Mix Multani mitti with rose water and make a paste. Apply on face to soothe the irritated skin.

Alternatively: You can use coconut water or papaya with multani mitti.

Multani mitti as Remedy to Oily Skin:face-packs

Make a smooth paste of multani mitti, cucumber juice, raw milk and 2 spoons of gram flour and apply evenly on face. Leave till the mask dries and wash clean with cold water.  This face pack absorbs excess oil and invigorates oily skin.

Multani mitti as Remedy to Wrinkles and Sagging skin:

Add these ingredients: multani mitti, curd and egg and mix it briskly to make a smooth paste. Apply on face and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. You will instantly find your skin fresh and supple.

Multani mitti as Remedy for Dark Spots:

First, make a face pack with multani mitti and curd. Let it sit for half an hour. Mix pudina(mint) powder / paste. Apply this pack on the dark spots and leave for 30 minutes to dry. Wash with warm water. Daily application of this pack gives clean and clear skin.

Alternatively: you can as well mix multani mitti with tomato juice, carrot juice/ pulp or sandalwood powder/ paste and apply on face. Not just helping in reducing the appearance of dark spots, this face pack gives clear complexion with regular use.

Multani mitti as Remedy to uneven Skin tone:

Sun tan, excess dryness, lack of hydration can steal your skin of its glorious complexion. Get back what you deserve and how? Mix 2 tea spoons of multani mitti with 10 drops of lavender essential oil and little water. Apply this mixture over face, relax till it dries and wash away with cold water. Pat dry. Once or week of this pack will help improve the complexion.

Alternatively: You can use turmeric powder, almond oil (or paste of soaked almonds, its equally good) in the mix.

If you thought multani mitti is used only for facial care, then you are in for a BIG surprise 🙂 Multani mitti is equally great for hair too. Here’s how:

Uses in Hair Care:


Remedy for Dandruff:

Make a steady paste of multani mitti and half cut lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the scalp and relax for 30 minutes. Wash gently with shampoo. In case of severe dandruff, do this hair mask once a week otherwise you can use this once fortnightly. You can use this pack once a month to cleanse your scalp of dirt and excess sebum secretion.

For Healthy Hair:

Make this hair pack at home for healthy, problem free hair: 1 cup of multani mitti, 5 tea spoons of rice powder and 1 egg white – make a smooth paste and apply to scalp and hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash clean with mild shampoo. Fortnight or once a month application is all it takes for beautiful hair now!!

Remedy for Split Ends:

Split ends are the result of wreck less and faulty hair care, life style and diet. Understand your cause carefully and dedicate part of your time to set it right. This hair pack can help you with regular application: To start with apply olive oil to hair at previous night. You can also substitute that with castor oil/ coconut oil.  Next day give hot towel treatment to the hair and apply mix of multani mitti and curd to the hair. Wash off with gentle shampoo after 30 minutes. You could see the results in couple of applications. Apply this hair pack once in a fortnight.

Remedy for Dry Hair:

Pollution and dietary deficiencies especially, lack of hydration are the villains causing dry hair. As a topical treatment you can apply this hair pack once a week or fortnight. Mix 4 tea spoons of multani mitti, half a cup curd, half cut lemon juice and 2 tea spoons of honey; make a consistent paste, so that it’s easy to apply to hair. Apply thoroughly to hair and leave for 30 minutes. Wash thoroughly with milder shampoo.

You can use few drops of lavender essential oil in the pack too.

Remedy for Oily, limp Hair:


Excess sebum secretion, attracts dirt and grime to the hair and makes the hair limp and lifeless. Multani mitti is best known for its clarifying properties, can help you overcome this hair issue. Going ahead, soak multani mitti in a bowl for 3-4 hours. Add soap nut powder and let it sit for another half an hour. Apply thoroughly to hair and wash off after 15 minutes. Your limp hair will turn into beautiful flowy hair.

Remedy for Dull Hair:

Lack luster hair is everyone’s problem these days…thanks to pollution and high temperature levels. Best way is to soak the multani mitti (whatever quantity is required to your hair length) in water for about 2-3 hours and apply to scalp and length of your hair. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. You will have visibly shiny hair in first application itself! Do this trick once a week or a fortnight.

Multani mitti has varied benefits like:


1.       Maintains pH balance of skin and hair.

2.       Increases blood circulation.

3.       Diminishes pore size by toning the skin.

4.       Soothes.

5.       Dead cells and debris can be effectively removed.

6.       Mix with multani mitti with water and dab on insect bites, burns, muscle pain or menstrual cramps, to relieve from pain.

7.       Excellent scrub and body wash.

Word of Caution:

Since multani mitti has high absorbent qualities, it might further dry already dry and sensitive skin. We recommend the use of multani mitti with caution and personal discretion. Please DO NOT over use multani mitti as it might leave your skin dry. Make your own routine for using multani mitti’s packs either for hair or skin AND stick to it.

Mix generous amount of almond oil / almond paste / rose water / honey / milk / other base oils like olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil while making packs for dry skin/ hair.

Some interesting Facts about Multani mitti:

1.       As we know multani mitti absorbs dirt and impurities from the surface and makes it look clean; it was extensively used in cleaning wool and other clothes as a part of finishing process.

2.       It is used in many industrial applications like adhesives, paints, oils, plaster and pharmaceuticals as fillers, decoloring agent and filtering and clarifying material.

3.       Multani mitti is used in military for disinfecting the service men’s clothes and equipment in case of chemical contamination.

4.       Interestingly, it is extensively used in film industry! As a natural soil in blast scenes because the multani mitti raises higher than natural soil and the effect looks 10x larger and impactful ;-).

5.       Did you know Taj Mahal was cleaned with multani mitti with best results?

6.       You can put some multani mitti on that oily curry stain and leave overnight. Rub it the next day and wash as usual. The multani mitti pulls the fatty oils from the stain; easing the washing.

Let us know if you have innovative way of using multani mitti other than those given above.

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