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Last Updated: 5th January, 2017. Dream of every women is to have beautiful long hair. Not everyone is blessed with long and healthy hair. Some have silky, some have curly or wavy hair, while some people have dry and frizzy hair. To get beautiful hair is dream of every women. To get healthy hair people use many chemical products which eventually leads to dry and frizzy condition. Some shampoos and conditioners have very strong chemicals and bleaches in it which damages the overall strength and quality of hair. Using these products daily damages your hair from root to the tip, hence one has to be very careful while using such products.

Hair spa at home is the best solution for the entire hair problem, which has been followed by the people from ancient ages. These home remedies are most effective solution for any hair related problems. In olden days people maintained very long and healthy hair, they would always use the house hold products to keep their hair tidy and healthy. Using these home remedies are very easy and convenient as these are available in any kitchen and one can easily get everything required for a hair spa at home. Oil massage is one of the best thing to grow your healthy, long and strong. Apart from oil, a thorough wash with good shampoo and conditioning is very necessary to maintain and remove foreign particles and unwanted dust from the scalp. One should never use the blow dryer on the hair and they should let dry naturally. Here are some simple tips and methods to perform a Hair Spa at Home:

Step 1: Massage your hair

Coconut oil, olive, almond or amla are considered to be the best ingredients for oils used for massaging the hair. Massage your hair with luke warm oil but make sure that the oil is not very hot as it may damage your scalp or even burn the roots. Dip a cotton ball into it and apply it gently to your scalp. Also use your finger tips to gently massage your scalp for about 5-10 minutes. Make sure that the oil is applied to the roots of hair and till the tip. This is the best start for hair spa at home.

Step 2: Steam the hair

Steaming hair is one the most important step which is ignored by the majority of home remedy choosers. Dip a cotton towel in hot water and squeeze it completely to remove the excess water. Wrap the hot towel around your head completely covering the scalp and the hair. Keep this for about five minutes and repeat the process between 2 to 3 times. Hot towel hydrates your hair and the steam hydrates the roots which enhances the growth and cleans the scalp.

Step 3: Wash your hair

Always wash your hair in luke warm water and use a mild shampoo. Ensure that you shampoo your hair at least twice a week and every time when you oil the hair and keep it overnight. Make sure you apply shampoo to the entire length of the hair and wash thoroughly and completely remove the residual oil. Keeping your hair washed and clean makes them look shiny and smooth. Flaunting this jewel makes it much more fun to make the eyes turn.

Step 4: Condition your hair

Choosing and applying the good conditioner after rinsing your hair with shampoo is an essential part for hair spa at home. To apply effectively, make the hair into sections so that is easy to apply and evenly distributed to all parts of hair. Take the conditioner in your hand and gently apply and massage all the strands of the hair. Keep it applied for about 2-3 minutes and wash out with luke warm water. Conditioner nourishes the hair and remove dryness maintaining the shine and health more long lasting.

Step 5: Hair Mask

Let your hair dry naturally, avoid using blow dryers as it burns the hair with overeat. Once the hair is dried, apply the mask to your hair. Apply from the base till the scalp and then heat towards to the each strand of the hair. Let the mask sit for about 20 minutes and then wash it off.

Here are the few masks, which you can prepare for hair spa at home very easily:


olive oil - hair spa at homeOil massage is one of the best methods to get healthier hair and Olive oil is considered to be the best oil for a head massage. Start massaging form the bottom of the scalp and then head towards the front. Apply the oil to the every strand of your deep in the roots. Make sections of the hair and apply evenly throughout the scalp. It is recommended to use warm oil for massage


avocado - hair spa at home

To make this mask you have to mash two avocados and make fine paste. Add two spoons of honey and mix it well to form a thick paste. Now detangle your already dried hair and apply this paste from the scalp to the each and every section of your hair. Let the mask remain for about 20 mins and then wash it off with the mild shampoo.


Banana - hair spa at home

Peel a ripe banana and add the egg white. Egg white contains proteins which act as nutrients for the health of the hair. Add a small cup of olive oil and put all the ingredients into the mixer and whip it well to form a paste. Apply this mask all over your hair and let it remain for about 30 minutes. Wash the masks thoroughly with a regular shampoo and let the hair dry naturally. Avoid blow drying


honey - Hair spa at home

This is one of the easiest method to make a mask. Take a table spoon of honey and mix it well with a glass of milk. Then apply and massage it on the scalp till the tip of the hair. Massage it gently and let the hair soak in it for about 15 minutes. Wash the hair thoroughly with the mild shampoo.


Strawberry - hair spa at home

Take few Strawberries and grind it finely, add an egg yolk and two large table spoon olive oil to it. Mix the paste well and apply his mask to the scalp till tips of the hair. Keep this mask for about 20 minutes and then wash it with the mild shampoo.



aloe vera - hair spa at home

Take some leaves of hibiscus plant and grind it to the fine paste. Add a cup of alovera gel and an egg white. Apply this mixture to the scalp. Alovera has cold properties and hence it is good respite for the heat. From scalp apply it till the roots and to the every strand of the hair by making the hair into sections. Keep this mask for about 30-60 minutes. Once dried, wash it with luke warm water by using a mild shampoo. Conditioner is not necessary with this mask as alovera acts as a natural conditioner.

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