Last Updated: 2nd January 2017. Hair loss and bald patches are becoming quite common these days due to stressful lifestyles, irregular and inadequate food habits, pollution, using harsh chemicals in hair care products and as a side effect of medical treatments like chemotherapy. Baldness, thinning of hair, receding hairlines are some of the problems that are bothering people; to the extent of getting depressed and losing confidence.

Since couple of years, a unique product called Hair Building Fiber is creating waves in the market. There are numerous products by now and they claim to help hide these bald patches instantly! We did some groundwork to check how do they work, do they have any side effects and what are good ones available in the market. As a result, we could get this article for you to understand the science behind this product and take a call before trying this product.

How does Hair Building Fibers work?

We all know that our hair is made up of protein called keratin. These hair fibers are micro particles of keratin protein, either synthetic or natural, that are charged with static energy when they come in contact with hair. These micro fiber particles attach themselves to the hair strands, giving a thicker and fuller feeling to hair.

This is how it looks like:

  1. Thinning hair


2. Fibers get attached to your hair triggering static energy


3. Giving dense look to the hair


The hair building fibers do not regrow hair. They only cover them smartly to give an impression of fuller hair.

How do you use Hair Building Fibers?

Many come with a container (you also get refill packs). Shake the container and dab some micro fibers on the bald or thinning patch lightly and spread gently. Pat your hair for steady fixing of fibers. You also get a hair spray to hold these hair building micro fibers in place.

It won’t wear so easily unless washed and shampooed.

These hair building fibers come in various shades, it’s easy for you to go for a shade that suits your hair color.

Here are 10 most popular hair building fibers available online:

  1. Coboki Hair Building Fiber


Coboki enjoys a large fan following to its product. They claim that every ingredient that goes in to the hair building fiber product is organic and natural. The product doesn’t contain any chemicals, artificial colors or fillers, dyes or preservatives.

Coboki uses Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, called Levant Cotton; a variety of cotton plant that is very similar to human hair fiber in its structure. Also the brand uses natural minerals as colorants in the micro fibers.

  1. Juvenile Hair Building Fiber


Juvenile too claims to have made up of all natural and organic ingredients. It covers the bald patch in flat 30 seconds! Juvenile uses a unique technology to wash, cut, dry and charge these natural hair fibers in a special environment. You can easily wash off with water and shampoo.




  1. Toppik Hair Building Fiber


Toppik has natural keratin hair fibers that bind with the hair instantly and tightly. No rain, wind or sweat can mess the application. It looks 100% natural and cannot be detected even if seen by 2 inches’ distance in bright day light. The fibers hold the hair so strongly that they cannot be dismantled during entire day & night. Of course unless, shampooed.

Toppik has bouquet of products to enhance the hair building fibers’ application and result. There is a scalp concealing lotion, refill packs, hair fattener and hair building shampoo and conditioner, hairline optimizers and spray applicators.

  1. Majik Hair Building Fiber

7Majik is a Swiss brand that offers 100% natural human hair fibers to fill in the thinning hair and cover with naturally looking hair fibers. Irrespective of your hair type and texture, Majik mingles and bonds with the natural hair seamlessly. With no side effects, Majik can also be used as an instant root touch up in between your hair coloring schedules.

It also has a hairline optimizer to give a natural finish at the hairline. You can use Majik’s Hair Fiber Spray to hold the hair fibers for longer time.

  1. Rebuilds Hair Fibers

8Rebuilds hair building fibers contain keratin and cotton. No synthetic components are used in the product making it safe for daily use. Just sprinkle some natural fibers on the thinning line and disperse them with a pat on the hair. You can comb and style as usual and you are good to go!

  1. CosmoTress Hair Fibers

9CosmoTress hair fibers are made up of natural cotton fibers, that cling to the hair and make it look fuller and thick. The brand uses a path breaking double filter hair fiber technology to ensure uniform coverage of micro fibers.

  1. Hairouse Electrostatic Natural Microfibers


Hairouse is distinctly derived from 100% natural plant cellulose. The components are selected on the basis of their electrostatic potential meaning how well and quickly they can bind with the natural hair. This process ensures efficient coverage and natural feel to the hair. Developed in India, the brand has exclusive shades to suit Indian hair colors and textures.

  1. Looks21 Hair Loss Concealer

11Looks21 hair loss concealer contains natural Sea Island Cotton for micro fibers and mineral based colorants. The product has natural extracts and Pro Vitamin B5 that soften the hair. Looks21 also protects your hair from UV rays. Along with the concealer Looks 21 recommends its pH balanced Lock -In Spray to hold the fibers and give natural looking luster to the hair.

It comes in 11 variants of colors to choose from. Even then, Looks21 is developed multi tone adapt coloring system to enable the fibers to adapt to your natural hair color. So a slight shade change does not affect the product’s performance.

  1. Nanogen Thickening Hair Fibres


Nanogen is a UK based brand that is researching on hair building fiber technology in the last 10 years! They have brought innovative products to the market. Their advanced technology in creating effective keratin fibers ensures more thickened hair and faster coverage with lesser quantity. Their jar is so formulated that it increases the electrostatic charge by 400%; this action gives you stronger bonding of fibers to your hair! Even during light rain or exercising, you can confidently wear this.

Nanogen also has fiber locking spray that makes the application water proof! Along with locking spray, Hair Thickening Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum give you a complete hair building experience.

  1. Hair Illusion Hair building Fibers

13Hair Illusion hair building fibers is made from 100% natural human hair. This gives you a very natural look and feel. Stays for longer hours, Hair Illusion can be removed by washing off.

Let us know if you have tried any of these products. Your feedbacks will be helpful to many others.

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