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Last Updated: 2nd January, 2017. Turning a plain Jane into a Cinderella? That’s exactly what border work does to the plain blouse. The border work can comprise of saree border, zari / lace border, patchwork, cutwork or embroidery with zari / silk threads / beads / gemstones. Having said that border work can be done to neckline, back of the blouse or sleeves. It’s an art to smartly assemble the borders to give the blouse a trendy and grand look.

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We love to bring you newer designs and we just started…! Enjoy the stroll in our gallery of blouse designs and style yourself gorgeously;-)


The border embellishment has Swarovski crystals and zardosi work! It covers the neckline and the back design of the blouse too. Other neckpieces are not required as your neckline is already dazzling!


This blouse, made of Bengal silk fabric is given an aesthetic look by imbibing printed silk patchwork in the middle of the blouse, shoulders and to the sleeves. Otherwise, a plain red blouse is turned into a trendy blouse design.


Maggam / aari work is grand in itself and with red silk fabric background it gains more opulent look. Such heavy work blouses are best for grand functions like wedding and reception.


Here’s a beautiful combination border, that has zardosi embroidery, cutwork and stone work at its borders. Very delicately done, this blouse design is unique and attention grabber.


The border of this deep red blouse is done with sequins and zari work.  This blouse design is attractive due to the thick border at the back. Very tastefully done, we must say!


This blouse is beautifully done with golden brocade fabric at the sides and zari work on the borders of the georgette sleeves and back of the blouse. Only keeping the strings to secure the blouse is smartly highlighting the borders and enhancing the beauty of the blouse design.


The combination of the saree is to die for! And the blouse design enchants with its beautiful peach shaded fabric being enclosed with lace and hand embroidered border on the right shoulder and sleeves.


Maroon velvet blouse that Nimrat Kaur is wearing is as such has rich look and feel. The black sequinned border with tiny pearls on the design is definitely awe inspiring. There is no looking back when you wear such charming designer blouse.

zardosi-and-beads-and-stone-work-border zardosi-and-beads-and-stone-work-border1

This blouse design has exemplifying border work. The deep red blouse is adorned with zardosi work and beads and stones. Very intricately done, this blouse design is sure to win hearts. The neckline and back of the blouse is well accessorized with border work and leave you worry free of further accessorizing.


The floral zari work and the maroon raw silk border ups the black blouse’s impact by 100 folds! Yes, the border has made a plain black georgette blouse in to a stylish designer blouse. The finish of the zari embroidery is absolutely marvelous!


Velvet blouses are by default rich looking; if you don richer border over that, there is no stopping you in the party. The sleeves and the edges of the purple velvet blouse has a hand embroidered border that has zari and bead work done with minute detailing.


Zari work on the border of the neckline and the plain zari border at the sleeves is so alluring that we couldn’t help adding it the gallery of blouse designs with borders! You agree with us? The border design is similar to the saree border design and both seem like made for each other! 😉


Gatherings of the silk blouse are very beautifully held together with the silk brocade border on the shoulder and at the bottom of the blouse. This one’s a classic blouse design with borders; take cue and try different colors with this design to match your sarees.


The coral red blouse with bhuttas is decked with part of saree border as patchwork on to the neckline. Though this is very simplistic design, the color combination is really stunning. That’s why this design made it to our gallery of blouse designs with borders.



The white saree with black bugle beads border would have looked bland if Sonam would wear an unadorned white blouse. This is a best example of a blouse design, to show how an addition of border to the blouse changes the appearance of the saree. The thin cutdana border to the end of the sleeves and neckline saves Sonam of a pale entrance!


A dark maroon velvet blouse again! And this time from none other than Manish Malhotra! The delicately embroidered sleeve border with zari and gota patti is a huge success. Love the splendid expression this design has…melts our heart!


The bottle green blouse is ornate with zari and sequin border to the neckline and the short sleeves. You can club such blouse designs with red, black and beige color sarees.


Plain parrot green saree looks super cute and fresh with this border blouse. The green brocade blouse has been embellished at the borders with golden zari lace, the design that lends the saree a chic and glamorous guise.


This is a black raw silk blouse which is explicitly adorned with floral motifs in zardosi, stones and silk thread works. So elaborate is the work on neckline border which is high collar neckline and to the sleeves, that the blouse itself can stand out in the crowd. The pink piping given to the edges of the sleeves and bottom of the blouse is highlighting and bringing the design to life.


Multicolored thread work, Kutch work with mirrors adorn the blouse’s border at the bottom. That is brought to focus by the use of green net material and red piping to the edges of the blouse. Superbly done to combine aesthetics with sexiness in one blouse design, ready to fire up the party?


Zari work gleams through the border of the blouse – on sleeves and from right shoulder to bottom of the blouse. Embellishment at the borders gives it a richer hue.


Lehenga is every bit splendid with mirror work and the blouse of course has to live to the lehenga’s richness. The green full sleeves blouse has a red and zari lace border to the end of the sleeves and the plunging neckline makes it modern and trendy.


This blouse design looks different with off white brocade fabric attached to the border of the back of the blouse and small flowers made of golden beads. Black piping is given to the edge of the border to enhance the overall look of the border at the back.


Mirror work done on pink fabric and zari lace to the border of the black blouse, is apt style for party. The border is neither too wide not too thin, that makes it a delicate border work.


Shraddha Kapoor’s yellow silk blouse oozes royal look with dark green border to the bottom of the blouse and also as sleeves. The border has intricate floral and leaves pattern with pita work and golden zari lace. Contrasting with the yellow main blouse (that also has been embroidered), the blouse design is way too fashionable and exclusive.

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